Natural surfaces

Hi all:
I am an alias modeler, currently learning dynamo.
My question is about creating natural (not trimmed) surfaces inside dynamo, every time i create a trapeze or parallelogram shapes, dynamo present the shape as trimmed surface so i am not able to create iso-curves that flow with in the shape.
I am not sure why dynamo just don’t create a natural surface thought it is very primitive.

Never noticed that behavior but i ran a quick test using Isolines and you were right :slight_smile:

Using lines im able to use PointAtParameter but…

This is an unavoidable limitation of trimmed faces. Luckily, it’s quite easy to fix tri and quad planar faces because we can redefine them as untrimmed nurbs faces. Have a look at the “PlanarFaces.FixDomain” node from springs:

For more complicated trims however, you’re out of luck, and you’ll have to trim the resulting iso curves instead.


Thanks for the tip, it really worked, but there is another issue appeared when using this node;
please have a look at this thread;