Rectangle by corner points- not working

Hi all:
I am trying to build multiple rectangles from points, i made sure that lists are arranged correctly to form a rectangle, unfortunately it gives error that points are not valid!!
Even i made a test by extracting single points are specific index, the points seems to be arranged correctly, still tool doesn’t work.
Here is the file to be checked, i appreciate your help very much.
quad-panels.dyn (83.5 KB)

Dynamo 2.0 right?
Can you post an expanded screen capture of the script with inputs shown.

Yes it is Dynamo 2.0.
I think i found the Issue, which is a node from springs package that caused the error.
It is clearly a bug inside dynamo, cause it only works with native surfaces that created inside dynamo without external packages, also it doesn’t work with imported surfaces.
i provided a screen shot showing that the rectangles were created just by canceling the node “spring.planarface.fix.domain”, while the error pops out when utilizing this node.

So any possible work around to reach a tapered shape filled with rows of rectangles, then i offset those rectangles to get pattern like that:

Your surface is a trapezoid. When you subdivide it, the resulting points will form smaller rhomboids that will not have 90deg. angles and will thus not be able to form rectangles. If you want closed polygons, you’ll have to use the “Polygon.ByPoints” node instead:


You could then use the “Surface.TrimWithEdgeLoops” node like so:

to get to your desired pattern


Thank you Dimitar_Venkov; you really helped a lot.