Name of Cogo Points

Hi all,

Is it possible to add the naming of the Cogo points in the direction of alignment. i am trying to find a way to number my cogo points in the increasing direction of chainage. The process is for creating a graph for settingout points at ETW at 10 m interval in the direction of road centerline. i know the best way to add a numbering to point is to update the names.

This is what i am trying to achieve.

Thanks for all the help

Yes, you need to group them by station and then sort them by offset.
Use List.GroupByKey() and List.SortByKey()

Create Cogo Points By Station and Offset.dyn (50.2 KB)


Hi Paolo,

trying hard to understand how the List.SortByKey works and i think it will take time for me to understand fully.

Can you please just confirm if i can use it for attached graph Settingout_Test.dyn (26.1 KB)

Have a read here

Thanks alot Paolo for the referance and the sample script. Will try to resolve the issue taking the points i hv generated in the graph.

The only problem i think is the alignment selection …because your script is for offset points and for me points are already generated at ETW featureline.

Hi Paolo,

understood the sort by key and other nodes now. As the edge of carriageway is not always at a fix distance so created the points at the edge using feature lines and tried sorting as per X coordinate and Y coordinate as a key. but its giving error for sorting. So now

  1. How to assign numbering if points are not created using offset distance and offset parameter.
  2. How to resolve this non co-planner error while sorting.

Attached file for the reference and apologies for the trouble. Settingout_Test_numbering.dyn (51.8 KB)