Multiple Run Problems in Revit Energy Analysis

I have been working on building energy performance optimization by changing window geometric and material properties in Revit .In single iteration, nearly 3-5 out of 10 created design works properly and give results.I can follow it from GBS online; however,when any design is trapped in problems to get results and gives null , the rest solutions are also trapped in similar problems (that’s my opinion). On the other hand, the solutions works properly in single run. What might be the problem? Is it the nature of Energy Analysis for Dynamo or something? And how can it be solved?

Thank you for your help.

I’ll pass this question to our BPA folks to see if they can help.

Are you repeatedly writing files to the same location on disk or reading the same file?

The code generates a design;then, creates gbxml file and run it. After that code changes design and creates gbxml file with same name and same location and follow the same procedure. It gives results in the first three or four runs,however,then it is corrupted.

Hi Murat,

I tested your graph and it ran without any problem on my machine. See the image below and read the following hints that might help for running the energy simulation using GBS nodes in loop.

1- What I would suggest is to create the GBS project outside of the loop so the graph does not go over creating the GBS project node over and over (Saves time). It is better to create the project outside the loop and then pass the project ID into the loop. You can test if the project is created appropriately by disconnecting it from loop for the first time and then pass the ID to the loop as well.

2- The Dynamo energy analysis nodes may time out if the run stays on the queue on GBS website for a long time. A few of the nodes can get the timeout as input, but some of them have it hard coded (you can have a look on the source code of the package here if you are interested).

3- Since you are interacting and updating Revit in each iteration and then exporting the gbXML file, it is essential that you make sure that the transactions are made in Revit before exporting the xml file and start uploading it to GBS website. You can create sequential steps in Dynamo using Function.Compose node. Here is a link to a video from Glenn Katz at Stanford class is using the same process for optimization using Optimo package. He uses function.compose node to manage the process.

2015-07-30 21_30_44-Dynamo


What is the type of your GBS account? Are you allowed to run more than 3 analysis on GBS?


It is a student account;but in optimization process, it can run more than 3 times as it is seen the figure below. It runs some of the design solutions at each iteration as it is seen in time difference and gives quota error at the end although the virtual quota is also increased.