Energy Analysis


I am trying to run the energy analysis package in Dynamo. I was hoping to get a variable like energy use intensity or similar back from Green Building Studio, and then use Optimo to optimize a solution. I used the example files and uploaded a mass to GBS, but I was not able to get the annual energy use, even though I didn’t make any changes to the example. You can see the error code in the picture. Has anyone else run in to this issue or have any advice? Thank you!!


It looks like this node or package hasn’t been updated to 2.0, but I can’t confirm. Where is it from?

Thanks for the reply! I just got it from the Packages tab directly in Dynamo, says it is 2.42. I also uninstalled and reinstalled but same thing happened.

What is the name of the package?

Never mind - I see it.

The most recent version is 0.2.42, and the description indicates that the nodes were designed for Dynamo 1.1. If you use 1.x you may be able to get by. Another option would be to rework the source code on their GitHub to work with Dynamo 2.x. The last option would be to use another package, such as Ladybug.

Using 1.3 made even more problems, I will try with ladybug instead. Thanks!

The Back to the Future trilogy taught me that going backwards in time is never a good idea. :wink:

Please mark a solution, and start a new topic for any ladybug issues as they arise.

Good luck!


Can you help me please in my case, I am trying to get the project id number, but the gives an error, however I managed to get the project id using Python script but still the Run Analysis node gives a NULL and could not upload the gbXML file