Multiple families may be clashing with multiple walls


I am trying to find all of the instances of families the are currently clashing with a wall, how ever when i bring in the geometries of all the walls and all the families that may be involved with the clash, and compare them, the results are obviously incorrect… I think it has to do with how the lists are lacing with each other.

Essentially what i need is a list with the structure of my list of family instances, that is a product of comaring each family instance wiht all wall instances and if there is even one flash, than the entire value becomes true. how can i do that?

i’ve tried to write some script on this, but I am not sure about all the functions, and I get really confused about what needs to be loaded before hand in the script.

I tried it, it doesnt work…

Try this:


Thanks for this, but the cuboid is a bit of an issue; the situation I am looking at is this

I want to get rid of the corners that are positoned incorrectly, but if you take the entire bounding box, all of them are intersecting, and they are not. I tried doing it with geometry insead - doesnt work. I am not sure I understand what the List.Contains is doing as well…

Then substitute it with element.geometry as for the walls:

yes, that was my first reflex as well, but it says they are all clashing with the walls, and they are deffinately not…

I think that if they share a face, geometry.doesIntersect is going to detect this as an intersection

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Yeah - I thought about that as well and moved the placement point of the family 1.5mm off the corner of the wall, so that’s not it either…

I really dont think the lists are lacing properly…

can you post your dyn and a sample rvt

Sure, please find here

these are both testers; my actual project is too large to share, however parameters and families are as shown.

You have to set the lacing of geometry.does intersect to cross product. That is right mouse button - lacing. ALso in your case you need to flatten the families so you can filter them by the bool mask:


Awesome thanks!

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I am very excited! I finally achieved what my final goal is - i am automatically placing corner guards in correct orientations on the pointy corners in corridors!

If you are interested here are my files (defo due some tiding :slight_smile: )

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