Delete Family Instance, when colliding with wall/column

Hello everybody,

I wanna place families by picking a face. Everything works very fine so far.
Select face --> I create point grid on face --> with FamilyInstance.ByPoint I get my Families on the face.

Now my problem is:
If the face is a face of a Slab, there is also a Column or a wall. At the moment my Families ignore the columns or walls.
I am looking for a Dynamo Workflow, to automatically delete Families when they collide with a column or a wall.

The picture shows mainly how it looks like.

Thanks for all your help!
Regards, Josef

I would collect all of my wall and columns as geometry and the points you are using to create the families and use another Geometry.Intersect node and ask if they intersect, then use a Filter.ByBoolean node to do the work, before creating the families.

Alternatively, if the family geometry is clashing after placement, I would use the intersects on the Walls & Columns x Families and use the Element.Delete node within the Archi-Lab package.


thanks for your answer.

Can you explane me the Filter.ByBoolean? I tried it but didnt get to a solution…

The second way worked in the beginning but then the Problem is now it creates “empty” parts in the Familyinstance note wich does not allow me to make any changings afterwards…
So to edit this now afterwards. E.G. additional walls… I have to delete the familyinstance note and make it new