Multiple Building Pads


Hello guys,

We are trying to generate some building pads from some polycurves.

Attached the definition that we are using and the Revit file.

We are using a python node that we have found here in this post,

The graph works fine with only one polycurve however in Revit we cannot create building pads out of more than one close loop.

I guess what we need for this definition to work is to separate the task with some loops but we are new to dynamo and we are not sure how to do this, any great ideas???
pads.dyn (9.8 KB)
Pads.rvt (1.5 MB)

Offsetting building pads to topo

pads.dyn (9.2 KB)

You were close. The input should be the polycurve, not a list of curves. And in the python script you were missing a couple for loops to create each pad individually. Also it was the right idea that the closed curve had to be within an IList but they needed their own individual list, which is where the [i] comes from on line 49.


Amazing Kenny,
This works perfectly!!!


what package is Group Curves belong to?


It should be in the archilab (called on the server) package.