Filter Boolean for parameter filled with text Vs Empty

Hi, haven’t used Dynamo in many years and can’t seem to find an existing topic that deals with parameters simply having text in them Vs empty ones. If something exists please point me to it.

My original task was easy, get and set parameters. Than, they asked that I only overide parameters with data in them and not the empty ones. We wouldn’t want the script to copy empty data over and erase data that would be present in the second parameter like it’s currently doing with the Get/Set graph.

So, Copy Panel Name in REM_Equipment_Name.

I tried List Clean but didn’t give me intended results.

REM_GET-SET.dyn (20.6 KB)
Thanks for your help

Hi, you can try using codeblock and write boolean mask like this, x==""; if there is an empty string it will return true and then just filter the elements in List.FilterByBooleanMask and use out as your OUT as your element.

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Hi, I don’t think I understand your explanation correctly

Yes sorry, its late in the night right here,
ive attached an image of my solution and updated your .dyn file.
REM_GET-SET.dyn (23.1 KB)

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Thanks for your precious time.
This set me on the right track. I needed the “False” answers in this mask formula

How can I add a checkup to be sure the 2nd parameter is empty (True) before writing to it? If it’s False, and has a value, I don’t want the first step to overide.

you can just add another question, like x=="" || !(y=="")

REM_GET-SET.dyn (21.4 KB)

X is Panel name parameter
Y is REM parameter
|| = OR
! = not

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for you help