Multi phase families

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I am building my own window family, with the aim to manage the process of installing windows.

It has to host the actual window family which comes from a link with the window -manufacturing software, exchange data, etc.

Are there ways to integrate my family with my workflow of phases in the project?

I have an extensive set of phases, more or less for each constructive step.

It starts with the cavity in the wall, then the support structure, the acoustic insulation, the actual window, the sealing, the insultation etc.

I can think of a string of yes/no parameters which relate to the phases defined in the project…

Did anybody made something similar, not necessarily for a window, and can I have a look?

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I think Element.SetParameterValueByName May work for you here. Look at the windows phases (Element.Phases) and the values contained therein. You may need to feed it an element id for the set portion.

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nice to find a response from you after my holiday.

So I give the window family the phase I am looking at.

Dynamo gives the phase to the name of the family. Element.SetParameterValueByName (because family-copy is unaware of phases I presume)

This information triggers what is visible within the family?

Then I would still need some kind of scheme in which the chronology of the phases is accessible, no?

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have a look here for some help / ideas

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And thank you nerdy Alf, this should get me started.
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Hello, Willem,

Thank you for your interest in the Notre Dame project. To answer your question, there is not anything special in these families that has not been already explained and shown in that article. The model contains some subcategories for generic families, that multiple families can use to turn on or off their parts depending on the the level of graphical detail that is needed for each view.

Alfredo Medina

If I get it started, I create as much sub categories for use in families as I have phases in my methodology for building projects…on the project level.

The idea with the article is to have only those subcategories in the Generic Model category, not in all the categories. Then, a family, such as a Window, can be in the Window category, but have its nested small parts in the generic model category, associated to those subcategories by level. The same for doors, or other families.