Multi-Level Program Massing/Space Planning Tool


Attached is our rendition of Kyle Martin/Shepley Bulfinch’s Space Planning dynamo graph + supporting files:

It’s working great (Thank you Kyle Martin/Shepley Bulfinch!!!) and we are now attempting to modify it to generate program masses on multiple floor levels in Revit within a single run of the graph. Any guidance on how to do this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

program massing dynamo player template.rvt (2.1 MB)
MOD-01_2019.05.02.dyn (247.2 KB)
MOD-01 Program - Project Data_2019.05.02.xlsx (23.9 KB)
MSS-Program-SpaceType-Box-UH.rfa (404 KB)
ANT-Mass-Program.rfa (256 KB)


I’m looking into this workflow as well. It seems like this node doesn’t work despite changing the level.


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