Multi-category tag that reads Type Name to Uppercase

Hi all,
I am a new beginner in dynamo. I wanted to change the multi category tag that reads Type Name to uppercase. I tried to follow the above workflow but doesn’t give me a result. Does anyone know how to change the type name to uppercase in tag? Would be greatly appreciated if someone can point my mistake out.

Thank you.

try Element. Set name from Clockwork.

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Hello…Think “TypeName”, should be “Type Name” anyway try as @_Vijay say…

am i doing this right?

still not working

try to open the CW node as here and see whats goin on…

Try install Clockwork 2.0 again.

dynamo parameter seems to be working now after I updated the Clockwork but the tag still in lower case. I am in the drafting view. does that make a different?

I tried to copy what you had, but both of my input are showing error. am i doing this right?

can you share the sample file for inspection.

SAMPLE FILE.rvt (2.0 MB)
@_Vijay , here is the sample file

Here is the solution.

Home.dyn (13.3 KB)


@_Vijay , i just tried your way. it is working for me now!! thank you for your help! this is awesome!

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