MoveByVector error

Just trying out the new MoveByVector node on a selected Revit wall (I also tried with a window, section ,…).
The MoveByVector node is always generating the error “attempt to modify the element outside of the transaction”.


I’m not sure but you might be fighting against Revit’s constraints. This would apply especially to hosted objects

  • You could either try getting, then moving the location of the object as below
  • Otherwise, get the element geometry then move the geometry

I would report that on the Dynamo Revit github - looks like hosted objects like doors and windows are failing.

Hi @Andrew_Hannell,

I see that you’re using a custom node Element.SetLocation from a package.
I’m using the new standard node from version 1.2.


Bumping this up because I’m having the same issue with both the Element.SetLocation node and the Element,MoveByVector node. Any ideas?

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