Move by vector fails


I have to move elements on sheets with a certain amount. I have filtered out whatever I don’t want to move (titleblock, viewport etc.) and I’m left with a set of elements for each sheet. Lines, text notes, generic annotations mostly.

I have to move them, but the move by vector fails.

Attempt to modify the model outside of transaction

I did found the similar topics but the solutions were not matching my needs here.
Is there anything I can do?

Try and look into list levels and lacing.

I think levels are fine. The nulls are in the correct level. There is not too much I can change here, looks straight forward.

Are you creating any of these elements in the same graph?

No i had all the elements available.

Seems like the transaction start and end solved the issue and it is working fine.
The node still throws null tho, but at least works :slight_smile:


hey i was wondering if someone could tell me how to take the coordinates from the model

I suggest open a new topic, this is old and not about coordinates.

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