Move the pipe point to connect the other pipe

Whats node can move the pipe point to connect the other pipe and create fitting?



I am also very curious about this answer.
I’ve been looking for this for a while myself, I would also like to make a tool that connects connectors or moves one connector to another.

I wonder if this is easy with dynamo because you want to perform the action often and therefore want to use a keyshortcut

If I use element set location node can change element curve ,but can’t create fitting.

You can use the mepover package for create fittings

But it only use same height pipe.
If two pipes different height, like this video:

and if use Tee.By2MEPCurves one main pipe connect multi branch pipe will have problems

Ah okay, I don’t know or this is possible.

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Hi @jw.vanasselt …if you want fitting connect to fitting something could work…

PS which software are you use for make these videos ? arhhh bandicam should take alook first ,hahaha…is it free

Nice job! There is only one problem. I want to use a keyshort cut for this action and that is not possible I guess.

I use OBS studio for my videos :slight_smile:

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thanks…which keyshort do you use for that task ?

I use CV for connect into and VC for connect connector

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Hello @mansonchen …not sure something could work…

Hi sovitek,
Thanks you share this way.
But I want to control the end point to connect other pipe.
If two pipes different height, use control point to connect other pipe will create fiitings.

:100: :100: :100:

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alright…could you share your graph and rvt file with that situation ?

How about something here…

and a version with fitting against fitting