Move analytical line of beam

Moving a beam element is quit easy, but moving the analytical line of the beam causes an error.

The geometry of the analytical line moved to the new position (blue line, not pickable), but the analytical line stayed as its old position (thin black line, pickable).

The error Message is “Warning: Element.SetLocation failed. The position of the structural element is not a valid curve.”

Thanks you for your support

First off, welcome to the forum!

I believe that in order to move the analytical beam you must actually move the structural framing element as the analytical element is actually driven by the structural framing member.

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The analytical element (the analytical line) of the structural framing element moves with the structural framing, but can be customized independent of the geometry of the structural framing element.

Can you send a screenshot of what you are referring to, and a dummy file with the original and desired behavior so we can learn together?

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Have a look at the second picture above. The thin grey line is the analaytical line, it is shifted with the big black points at the end of the analytical line, see next picture. Unfortunately I am not allowed to enclose files.