Move Family in X or Y direction


I have a question. I would like to have control over the X or Y direction from the structural family i want to place.

I can do this with the following code:

But it changes all the values of the same beams that are allready drawn in my project. Is it possible to do this only for the one i want to place with dynamo on a selected edge? So not all the same beams get the same offset?



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OR maybe possible tot offset the curve or polycurve in the x/y direction?

you can offset just one beam

but you are now creating a offset for all the beams you selected with the node Family types

you should create a offset value after you created the element

see image
are you als searching for geometry translate node?
parameter you need to set for your element not for all the elements

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Thanks oftewel bedankt :slight_smile: going to give it a try tomorrow. I will let know if problem is solved

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