Move/Align 12x24 Air Terminal into 24x24 Ceiling Grid

I am trying to figure out the best strategy to move/align 12x24 type air terminal into a 24x24 ceiling grid tile. The 12x24 could possibly be positioned in 4 location points in the tile. Top, Bottom, Left, and Right side of the tile. I have extracted the ceiling grid, air terminal location, and perimeter curves of the air terminal. I also know what 24x24 ceiling tile the air terminal should be in. I just can not figure out how to determine what is the best location for each air terminal within the tile.

Do you mean what are the locations that line up the terminal or what is the best design location? We can’t tell you what’s best for your design. If you need to the potential placement locations that align your terminal with the ceiling grid then you’ll have to calculate those points based on the size of the terminal. There are many ways to do this but the main idea is that you need to be 6" off the center of your tile edges.

@Nick_Boyts I need the potential placement locations. I am struggling to get the diffuser placed within the ceiling grid itself aligned to one of the 4 sides. I can easily get the air terminal to place in the grid centered. However, the air terminal’s longest side should be aligned to the top or bottom if the diffuser is in the horizontal position. If in the vertical position it would be aligned to the left or right sides. I hope that is clear.

Which is why I suggested getting the points along the center of the grid and offset them 6" (half your terminal width). You have to take into account the size of the terminal and the placement point (origin). It would actually be easier if your origin was the corner of the terminal rather than the center - that way you just place them at the intersections. Because the origin is centered, you now have to adjust the location.

@Nick_Boyts I had been working on the graphs for several hours and even the most straightforward solution was escaping my thought. After I took a break and returned I realized what you were trying to tell me and the solution was straightforward. Thank you for the help.

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Sometimes that’s all it takes.

@dmillerSNYXQ , if I may ask, what is the method you are using to extract the ceiling grid pattern? Last I looked into this, I could either try to recreate the algorithm that Revit uses to make the grid and hope that the Architect hasn’t adjusted the default pattern (which is a bit too optimistic of a hope), or I could export a view to AutoCAD and then import it back into Dynamo (which seems cumbersome). I’ve been hoping for a third option.

@ehall, I am using the Sparrow package. In that package, they have nodes that can extract ceiling patterns from a model and will work with linked ceilings. It is an excellent package.

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YES! If I could gleefully shake your hand right now, I would do so with vigor.

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