Most stable file format for Dynamo input-Excel, CSV, XML?

Dear All,
I am trying to create points in dynamo by importing coordinates. What is the most stable file format for the input as per your experience?
Thanks !

It doesn’t really matter- I’d say both are stable. CSV is certainly simplest.

Generating the points is not very intensive- but generating geometry, inserting families etc based on the points might be, particularly if you have a very large quantity.


Thanks for your response. Are there any problems known by using excel format?
Any experiences with files not being read properly etc?

Excel has been working fine for me.

The advantage of using .csv rather than excel is that dynamo doesn’t need to open an external program (excel) which in my opinion is nice and saves time.

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Thanks, but would it work with multiple tabs?

There are no tabs in .csv, only rows and columns, the illusion of tabs could be created using multiple .csv files.