Export CSV format or EXCEL

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I have been starting using Dynamo only a couple of weeks, I wanna export the geometry of elements of a plan in Revit and insert them in NetLogo for simulation.
I followed this way to obtain an excel file but I saw this error I didn’t know why. I checked all process ten times. Please guide me to find my mistake, also I wanna export the geometry as a CSV format export. How can I do that?

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Youre also using Cone.StartPoint in place of Curve.Startpoint. May wanna change that out so you don’t run into unexpected results later.

Not sure by what you mean export to CSV - that’s not really a file type for geometry storage. There is a CSV.WriteToFile node which would serve your needs to save the values out. No idea what your geometry is though so no idea how you would format it. SAT might be a better fit.


Try this.

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