Monitor grids, how?


how can i monitor Grids to linkedGrids ?
Can i use bounding box? Location
i can`t catch any information of them?

or need i a placeholder “lines” on “level”?

What are you trying to do exactly?

What do you mean by this? You probably don’t want the LinkElement but the actual Element from the link.

i have a master file with grids/Levels. There are a lot of linked models with this mapped information.

I want to regualry check whether they got moved accidantly.
Or they got renamed.
I want to compare these issues.

Why not use Copy/Monitor?

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they create duplicated grids and cause visual issues in floorplans/sections and views.

copy/monitor does not work when the whole linked instance got moved.

so there is nothing exposed to the API?

Copy/Monitor is the only thing I’m aware of that tracks similar elements between models, so, no, nothing in the API specifically for that. You would have to recreate that functionality by tracking the geometry location and names.

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