Module 2 - Creating Elevations - Far Clip Offset adjustment possible?



Do you know the Python code to adjust the Far Clip Offset of the created elevations? Or the back extent of the plan bounding box is other terms.

If its simple enough i would like add it to a slider like the bounding box values.

It seems to default at 10 feet.


Think you’d need to change the built in parameter – VIEWER_BOUND_FAR_CLIPPING. Shouldn’t need the API to do this either.

I think i am on the right track.

Is my issue that the “VIEWER_BOUND_FAR_CLIPPING” parameter is part of the SectionBox and not the View?

Did you try the obvious approach first? :slight_smile:

As long as the view’s “Far Clip Offset” can be controlled (i.e. Far Clipping is enabled), you can just use the visible user parameter name in a “SetParameter” node:

Dimitar you make it look too easy.

Your method is working great but i cant seem to get a list of elevations from this Python node, i am only getting the last elevation. Even though 5 elevations are being created…

I think i just need a litlte Python nudge


Hi Chueb,

You are almost there, in order to collect the views. You will need to make a list, such as “list = []”, then after each view is created (“ele”) write in "list.append(ele).

It needs to be after the elevation is created but inside the loop. Currently, you have put it outside the loop so it will only collect the last elevation that was created.


What am i missing? It is still only outputting the last elevation…

The new forum is awesome, it actual emails you now to let you know a reply has been posted. Nice job.

My mistake, make the lst=[] outside of the loop, before it starts.

currently, each time the loop happens, it would reset the list to empty.

Makes perfect sense and works just as planned

Thanks all and especially Jeremy for sharing this module

No worries mate, good luck suiting it for what you are after :slight_smile:

Hi Chueb

can you share your python code??

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sorry i no longer have it but the only change to whats shown above was moving list=[] to before try.