Set the color to the specific revisions and their revisions clouds

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here in the forum. :slight_smile:
Among the project we use one revision under the “Under review” and we decided to make all these clouds under this revision as blue ones.In attachment you can find a screen shot from the dynamo script…We managed to make it blue but always we got up with just one of the clouds that is blue. Other ones remains by default (red). Do someone knows what we should do?


take a look here:


This should work / this is a good starting point.
This Graph WILL override ALL Revision Clouds in the ACTIVE View.

Thank you guys for your help…We resolve it using the script from bvs1982…Thanks :slight_smile:

I also got this one to work, but too bad there isn’t a Node to Override […] in ALL ViewS.

For ALL ViewS you need (to know) Python…

I see more and more Graphs and / or people using Python… so much for Visual programming :roll_eyes: