Modifying Assembly Sheets only

Not sure if this topic belongs here but I’ll ask the question to get started anyway. I am looking for some advice from those who have done this before . I needing to rename sheets but ONLY ones for assemblies. I do have a graph setup in Dynamo that does just this, BUT if I have any additional sheets in my project, it gets ALL of them. I think I could add a parameter to my assembly sheet and filter by that parameter, but does anyone have any other suggestions/ideas on how to approach this without adding another parameter?

Is there something common across the sheets you want to rename ?

It could be something in the drawing name or number or sheet type. If so- you could set up some kind of wildcard/filtering

Please include an example & you’ll probably get some useful responses.

I am wanting to rename the assembly sheet that is automatically generated when making an assembly with the assembly name, but I cannot find a way to filter only assembly sheets. Is there an OOTB parameter/category that makes an assembly sheet unique to other sheets in the project that can be used with Dynamo to filter?

Hello Kevin,

You can try this:

Hi Kevin,

You can also filter sheets by assembly name:

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Nice Kulkul!

Kevin here’s an example of how you can set Sheet Name to match assembly name:

All I can say is WOW! Works like a charm. Thanks to the both of you! Einar, sorry but I went ahead and used Kulkul’s graph since it did not involve any additional python code… Thanks again guys for the assistance! I will go back and look at my graph on setting Sheet Name to match Assembly Name and compare to your Einar! Now on to the next piece… placing views on sheets… i’m am doing the research now so I can get this one done as well

Sorry about the python, it’s easy to overlook the obvious sometimes. The last graph is completely python- and custom node free.