Modify Shared Parameter with Value from different Catagory

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First time poster, and I’m still pretty “Green” :slight_smile:

I would like to try and understand the difference between the two outputs in question, so that i can try to find a workaround if possible.

I have pulled parameter values from 2 different categories. They both read correctly and I can push new values to them using the Element.SetParameterByName node.

What I am trying to do is read the value of parameter from one category and push it to the parameter in a different category. Is this possible?

Forum won’t allow me to upload the .dyn file because I’m a new user(?), but i have attached screen shot for reference.
FYI - the error saying parameter name not found also confuses me because it still works. The parameter gets updated even when the error is still there. But if i change the Value to use as per red markup then value is not updated.
Hence i’m hopeing to learn the difference between the two values and why the category of the parameter matters when i just want it’s value to copied.

Thanks heaps!

Is there any chance that the “Total Ground Area” parameter is inserted in the families and not at the Level project?
This could explain the error message since some families would have the values and others don’t

Hi Daniel,
Yes that makes sense, and yes the parameter is inserted in the family not project level.
Well to be honest I’ve tried inserting at project level whiel troubleshooting but i wasnt successful there either. The error regarding parameter not found actually doesnt bother me as it means it is ignoring families that dont have the parameter. I think i understand that side of it now, so thanks fot that!

Have you got any ideas why the value from the Area category cannot be set to the parameter in the generic annotation category though?

Can you share the file?

Sure - Attached,

Thanks :slight_smile:

Push to Shared Parameter - Partial.dyn (28.8 KB)