Modify parameter value by using excel data

i want to modify parameter values based on excel data
and i want to export

I want to save each model to which the changed parameters are applied as a different .rfa file.
how can i do that??
help me ㅜ thanks!

Literally building a script for a client that does this right now. Whilst I can’t share their script, the key to it is the Orchid package, specifically these nodes.

first! i copied one parametric profile to multiple files…

What I want to do is put the parameters entered in Excel in this copied file and save them again.
how can i do??

In short, I want to load multiple files, change parameters at once, and even save…
help me please

You would need to modify their parameters in a library or family environment. You could load them before or after this step. If you can show me your script I can help give tips, but you need to take the first few steps here. Have a look into the Orchid package and how it handles family types and parameters.

If you are new to Dynamo I would go over the primer first - this is a very complex workflow if you’re not familiar with Dynamo fundamentals.

Hi @jhtwin25NSBMA

If you have a graph for applying your parameters on model.

Check this out
GitHub - bvn-architecture/RevitBatchProcessor: Fully automated batch processing of Revit files with your own Python or Dynamo task scripts!

라이닝1.xlsx (371.7 KB)
01.copy parameter.dyn (57.6 KB)
02.change parameter.dyn (57.6 KB)
라이닝.rfa (808 KB)
Thanks ㅜㅜ