How to Delete Revit Warnings quickly(if 10k warnings in model)

I am seeking help with Dynamo to delete Revit warnings. I’m using Revit 2015 & Dynamo 1.2
Mostly the following 2 warnings below.

1)Line in Sketch is slightly off axis and may cause inaccuracies.
2)Highlighted lines overlap. Lines may not form closed loops (which occurred by area boundary.)

How about not deleting the warning but fixing the situation causing the warning?

Start by training the staff that let 10K of those warnings happen in the model :roll_eyes:

The off axis error is hard, if you rotate the line, which end is the correct one in your situation?

You might be able to read the 2 overlapping line IDs and delete one, but that will be a crapshoot if 1 is longer/shorter then other loops might now not be closed anymore, resulting in more errors for not enclosed area’s.

You can’t really delete warnings. You can only fix them. You’re not going to be able to get your model to 0 errors. Not in a normal model anyway. Your focus should be on identifying the type of warnings that can cause problems and fixing them.

Agree with you to train the staff.
But here we getting the model from design consultant and there job done with those warning.
Now we have to handle these issue during as built submission where designer’s model contract finshed. :slight_smile:

Hmm… the shear quantity! You’re going to need a bucket load of RAM!

As implied above, you’ll not get a perfect solution automatically. But you can probably reduce the errors.

If the lines are overlapping you can test for intersect and delete the smaller one perhaps?

If you have lots of rectangular areas you could maybe get the max and min and create a rectangle from there?

If you have orthogonal areas you could get the line end points and rationalise the x & y values then move or recreate the points? Small gaps should get ignored by Revit. You’ll have to do more work if the areas are rotated.

If your areas are odd shapes and angles you might just have to start again :frowning:


This is the first thing you should address, way before the warnings are even visible. You are starting (hence the cleanup) a project in a version which has had no support for about 15 months now. By the time the job is done I would guess it will be 2 years unsupported.

On the subject of the bad model you received, 10k warnings at 2 minutes per warning and $100 per hour is $33k. Put it forth to the powers that be that the quality received is going to cost someone that amount of money. Otherwise the bad habits will never be corrected.


Yeah totally agree with you…We can apply this experience @Future projects from the scratch.
For this projects let see how much we can reduce only.
Mostly line overlapping in huge numbers and perhaps can be reduce some,and of axis issue can’t do much.
Thank you all…