Missing Quick Access Toolbar


For the developers out there :

I recently installed Dynamo 9.1 and then my Revit Quick Access toolbar went missing or is turned white. If I set the QAT below the ribbon its fine. Also Uninstalling Dynamo solves the missing QAT issue.

I uninstalled and install Dynamo a couple of times but same issue.

Below is the 2 screenshots. Of Dynamo installed and uninstalled.

Im using Win10 and latest Revit 2016.

Thanks charl.




Hi Charles,


I have the exact same issue whether it is Revit 2016 or 2017. It is the relationship with Revit to Windows 10. Any update on this issue? I would really like to have Dynamo on my Windows 10 laptop running 2017 products. Thanks


Dzan Ta




This sounds pretty bad. I suggest you post this issue directly on the Dynamo repository with all relevant info: