Missing .ParameterType Node in Revit 2023/Dynamo 2.13

It seems like ParameterType node has been removed, with no replacement. Can this be true? Any tips for the location of a replacement node or a workaround?


Been working with a Dynamo graph in Dynamo for Revit 2021 and upgraded it to Dynamo for Revit 2022 afterwards. Now its time to upgrade to Dynamo for Revit 2023 and it seems like a node is missing, and can’t find a workaround to fik it.

I’ve created a QA tool to go through all families of a directory to take a look on a specific set of parameters added, looking at value, StorageType, GroupType and ParameterType, with the ladder missing.

Revit 2023 does not have ParameterType anymore. Is has been replaced with GetDataTye().

Here is an example.

param.Definition.GetDataType() == SpecTypeId.Boolean.YesNo

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