Missing Parameter in Dynamo

I’m writing a script that searches my project for these custom rods I’ve made and places a tag on each ones that has a certain property filled in.

I was able to get it to find the hangers but when I looked through the available properties for the ones I wanted they weren’t there.


I’m thinking I need to add one or two more steps involving “element.getparametervaluebyname” but I’m not sure what to put for the string.

Any help is welcome.

are those parameters type or instance?
Family or Shared?

Shared instance

In this part of your picture i’m seeing Type Parameter not Instance?

I believe that they are type parameters.

Edit: Just to clarify, the ones in the picture are types but the ones I’m looking for are the shared instance. (at least I think so)

Can you show a bit more of your graph?
Important is the first part of your graph

try filtering by category using By.CategoryAndView
And if those hangers are nested families, make sure they are Shared