Missing Mass Floors

Hi, wondering if anyone has some insight into an odd issue I’m encountering… I am acquiring all MassFloors in a model using ‘All Elements of Category’ and all expected element IDs show up correctly in the watch list. I am then acquiring all Floor Areas using Element.GetParameterbyName to feed into a list. For most of the mass floors it shows the area correctly.

However, a couple (items 54 and 55 on the list) are showing up with no value for Floor Area (or for Perimeter either). However, when I get hold of one of the missing elements directly using Select Model Element it correctly tells me the correct Floor Area… I’m struggling to work out why this doesn’t appear in the watch list the same as other MassFloors. I’m using Zach Kron’s work-around to remove ‘phantom’ MassFloors but that doesn’t seem to affect any other Mass Floors that do correctly show the Floor Area.

Dynamo_Issue_02 Dynamo_Issue_01

Having a hard time understanding the issue here. The image on the left shows that you are manually selecting what is list item 53, not 54 or 55.

Ah yes, my apologies - my original post should have read that items 53 and 54 were not showing the associated errors… not 54 and 55. The image could have been a little clearer too, item 52 displays an area of 270sqm and 66m perimeter but items 53 and 54 show nothing for either. Happy to upload more info/explanation if that is of use, but the basic issue is that I’m wondering why using “All elements of category” only returns most but not all MassFloor Areas but selecting them manually does return all Areas.