Mirror Model Groups

Hello everyone,

is there anyone who can help me?

I want to mirror via Dynamo Model Groups, but I haven’t found a good way to do this yet.
The Node Mirror an Element doesn’t seem to work and I can’t really find a good answer on the forum either.
Does anyone have any idea how I can perform this (in Revit) simple operation with Dynamo?
@Nick_Boyts ?

Thanks in advance!

Start by pulling the node apart and seeing if it gives you any errors.
You can always try it yourself with Python. MirrorElement Method

Hi Nick,
As far as I can see it doesn’t give any errors.
Am I doing something wrong or would this node not work on Model Groups?
Is there perhaps another way to get it done?

Did you pull the deconstructed custom node back into the graph environment? If it’s not throwing any warnings then I’d assume python is. I don’t know enough about the node to know if it works on groups or not, but that’s why I provided the API method.

unfortunately I don’t know enough Python to be able to find the solution there…