Minimum distance from screw to the border

Hello to all!

I’m trying to get the miminum distance from a hole to the border of the plate where it’s located with dynamo and I’m running out of ideas.

The issue is, voids are done with a face based family that cuts another family. I have tryed many things:

  • Get geometry of the void and the plate and clash them, but I was not be able to get the geometry of the plate avoiding the holes.
  • Get the faces of the plate, then the perimeter curves, join the curves and remove the ones shorter than a fixed value, and then reconstruct the face avoiding those curves, but when the complexity of the curves increases this is not useful because I’m getting rid of faces that are needed.
  • I am also not able to get the nested element of the hole itself because it’s a shared family inside another shared family. The nested element is a null value :frowning:

Any idea about how to do it?


@FaVarela Can you share a sample model with some plates and screws?

Sure!! Portico.rvt (3.4 MB)

@FaVarela This should point you in the right direction: Edge Distance.dyn (21.6 KB)

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Very good idea! this should work for vertical but the issue here is to know the minimum distance to the border. In the case you have done, we are simplifying the form.

The first node that you are using about subcomponents will fit perfetly in the rutine. I will try to use it and check the minimum distance in some given directions.

I will let you know my progress in this line!

Thank you very much!! :blush: