MILK in Computational design

Dear everybody,
I apologize about my huge lack of knowledge in IT field. Is it possible to apply the new language (Milk) in dynamo and grasshopper? And is there anyone who is working with quantum computer and AI in our field? Thanks a lot for your time.

According this article Milk was presented this week. How is it possible that applies to Dynamo or Grasshopper?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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You are right man, this is a new language developed by MIT the 13 September and it is 4 times faster than the other and it is used for big databases and supercomputers. But I was wondering, like you, if it will be possible to use a new language like this in this kind of environment.

I saw some references in the article to C and Fortan. Dynamo is primarily written in c#, which is a dotnet language. It is unrealistic to re-write Dynamo from scratch in something else. However, dotnet is open source:

so someone can eventually add the benefits of “milk” to the c# compiler in a future version, and when Dynamo is re-compiled with that version, it could potentially reap some of the benefits of those modifications.