DynamoBIM Programming language?

Can we put DynamoBIM as type of Programming language or it is only programing platform that use other programming language features ?
For example if it is programming language , It work with which compiler or interpreter or VM ?

Dynamo has it’s own programming language, called design script, which It runs under the hood. You can edit this code in a code block inside the Dynamo environment, or if you are really brave (and crazy) you can use a text editor to edit/alter your dyn files directly. I do not recommend the textural authoring or significant manual edits though - it’s easy to miss one of the many required parts and the code is not built to be human readable this way.

There is also no need to compile the code base as the code in the DYN is executed by the interpreter - Dynamo. This is similar to Python in that aspect.

Hope this helps.


Dynamo is built on top of DesignScript and implements a DS stack based VM. The graph or DS code is converted to an AST representing the program and this AST is converted to byte code instructions which the VM runs. All layers are implemented in c#.