Methods for combining models in one shared coordinates space

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Sorry that public topic in that forum - inspite of fact that I shared also with custom nodes package.
Package’s name - ModelsCoordination (source code is here)
What are we can doing with it?
Nowadays, in one BIM project there are some different software that can no support shared peojects coordinates (use internal coordinates) and for combining them to one model it’s need to finding ways how do it. That package (node FindParameters) let get coordinate transformation’s parameters and use it for next actions

///Screen 1 - node FindParameters in package ModelsCoordination
Lets look on simple Case:
Issue: we have a software that let export IFC and other data formats that supported by Navisworks but don’t have shared coordinates.
Task: change file (IFC) or change it position in Navisworks to support shared coordinates
Our steps:

  1. Export IFC from application and open it in free viewers (f.e. Solibry Model Viewer or BIM-Vision) to mark coordinates labels to 3 characters points for f.e. slab:

    ///Screen 2 - Find point’s coordinates in current coordinate system
  2. Write those coordinates to Notepad, split them in 3 strings:

//Coordinates in current CS

  1. Open genplan and take from that shared coordinates of points (if genplan is missing - draw contour of slab in shared coordinates) and also write in Notepad

//Shared coordinates

  1. Next import those strings in CodeBlock of node in attachment and start process (script)

    ///Screen 3 - view of node to calculate parameters and save results to XML-file
  2. Go to Navisworks and write parameters from “blue group” to them:
    ///Screen 4 - Edit parameters of coordinate transformation in Navisworks

I describe only case with Navisworks - but logic of steps is rightfully for each application. In that package also there are nodes fro changing IFC files from some vendors (I add and describe it later ). Theoretical conditions of changings you can read in that guide.
As I wrote in beginning, all source code is here. IFC samples you can find at guide.
Issues for package you can write here or as GitHub’s issues.
IFC_Coord-Calculate parameters for Navis and save.dyn (25.8 KB)

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Some updates (ver 1.0.2) in XML-saving/loading.
Add construction for to solve potential problems at different systems:
System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo nfi = new CultureInfo("en-US", false).NumberFormat;
All updates I also publiced at GitHub’s code.
Here two changed scripts.Saving at XML is using to use those parameters in future for that model.

IFC_Coord-Calculate parameters for Navis and save.dyn (25.8 KB) IFC_Coord-Load saved parameters for Navis.dyn (13.5 KB)

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