MeshToolkit acts differently DS1.3 vs sandbox 2.5

Working on an application in Dynamo Studio and thought I’d try Sandbox. Downloaded and compiled with no errors, loaded in MeshToolkit. Same file functions correctly in Dynamo Studio but throws errors in sandbox. See screen grabs. Any idea what’s going on here?


The geometry library is not open source (as Sandbox), so you have to use Dynamo Studio or use Dynamo for Revit, C3D, etc.

meshtoolkit requires that regular geometry can load as well - my guess is that if you try to create some OOTB geometry like a sphere you’ll see the same exception - this means Dynamo can’t find the geometry library on your machine - currently, 2.5 will load it from Revit, civil 3d, formit or RSA. - You could try installing a recent version one of those.

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OK. Good to know. Since I don’t use the other programs I guess I’ll have to wait for a Dynamo Studio update. I guessing the geometry library is different between 1.3 and 2.5.
Thanks for your response.