MeshToolKit source code

Where to find Dynamo.MeshToolKit source code?




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Hello ,

Anyone please help on this ?






I don’t believe this package is open source.

What are you looking to do?

I would like to create geometry from a custom C# dll and draw it on Dynamo 3D preview window.

Are we tied to use DesignScript for drawing ?

How MeshToolKit able to draw surface on the Dynamo Preview Window?






hi, you can definitely generate geometry using dynamo in c#. Check out this sample:

on line 71 we’re creating a point,

also please see this wiki page:



I understand that we can use Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry to create geometry.

But we are working on a custom proprietary C# dll for which we don’t want to share source code just like MestToolKit.

Are we allowed to use DesignScript.Geometry to create geometry in proprietary dll ?

I thought if we get an idea how MeshToolKit which is not giving out source code able to draw meshes on to Dynamo 3D preview window.




the link I attached shows how to make geometry in a zero touch node, which you compile to a .dll. The .dll is then imported into Dynamo, this is how mesh toolkit works as well.

If you don’t want to share your zero touch library you do not need to.

If you put the .dll, on the package manager you should take care of what license you choose.