Mesh intersection with Plane gives "Points are likely coincident" error

Hi everyone,

I have a Mesh of a tunnel, exported and created in CloudCompare.
I would like to use this Mesh in Dynamo and extract PolyCurves at Cross Sections.
However when I try the following workflow (seen in Screenshot) I get the “Points are likely coincident” error.

If anyone has any ideas to overcome this problem please let me know!

Hi @Daan Are you able to post a sample file for the mesh output from CC?

It might be easier to generate the curves at cross sections in Cloudcompare

The point cloud sectioning tools in CC are pretty good

You could loft these curves- in Dynamo or other applications

HI @Ewan_Opie & @Andrew_Hannell ,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!
I uploaded two CloudCompare Meshes to WeTransfer with an Octree Depth of 11 and 12 respectively:

Octree Depth 11 Mesh:

I also had a go at the Workflow suggested by Andrew, however since these PolyLines are generated straight from the Point Cloud the results are not great, see image below:

(For context, i need the point at the vertices of the PolyLines)

I haven’t found a way yet to create these Cross Sections in CloudCompare together with the Mesh.

PS: Here is also my .dyn file from the first post:
Mesh to Dynamo Test.dyn (37.8 KB)