Mesh.Intersect "Points are likely coincident"

I have a mesh of about 4.5 million triangles (in both .mix and .obj format) which I am importing to Dynamo and I want to have a polyline from the intersection of this mesh and a plane (line by point) but I am getting the following error and I do not understand what is the problem or what does this error mean.

I am attaching the mesh as .mix datatype.

I think the resulting polyline has points that are too close together, try scaling your mesh up before intersecting.

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Thanks a lot @Michael_Kirschner2 for answering. Unfortunately, I did not manage to solve the problem by playing with the scale of the mesh, nor by changing the Dynamo geometry scale. I believe my mesh is messy and not very smooth, I tried to do some moderation using Dynamo but it took so much time. That’s why I went ahead and extracted my 3d polylines using another software (QGIS) and then brought the geometry back to Dynamo and finished the 3d model. So now problem solved :smile: