Mesh extracted from a Wall is in a different unit/scale

Hi, I extracted an Autodesk.Revit.DB.Solid out of a Wall and get a mesh by calling Audodesk.Revit.DB.Face.Triangulate().
The wall is 4000mm tall and the mesh is 13.1233496801758 (unit is not known) tall.
I believe the Revit project is in metric. Does anybody know where this scale difference come from?

Thank you.

My guess is that you’re using an older Dynamo or Revit version, as 4000 mm is 13.123 feet.

This is something which has been addressed in most cases in current releases.

When obtaining values like that directly using the API, you will get the values in internal units, which is imperial.

You can use the unitutils class to convert the value.

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Thanks! This is helpful!

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No problem!

This is the class I’m referring to:

Good luck :slight_smile: