Merge Multiple Toposurfaces

I am wondering if there is a way using dynamo or python to merge multiple toposurfaces at once, as Revit only allow to merge 2 toposurfaces at once, and i have too many of them to be merged.


Appreciate any soon help

Have you tried extracting the vertices from your topo’s, aggregating them into a single set and creating a new toposurface from the set?

yes i did but unfortunately its very complex and it results a very distorted surface with no match with what intended

Merging surfaces appears to only be exposed in the API as a postable command, meaning you’d have to click the surfaces in combination each time, costing you more time attempting to run this via Dynamo then if you did it yourself.

Altering your dataset to make a single point listing as @Thomas_Mahon noted is likely the best solution if you don’t want to click until they are all merged.

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