Merge more than two toposurface at one time

Hi all,
Do you think is it possible to merge more than two toposurface at one time by dynamo?

Thanks a lot for any reply

What sort of precision are you after? How large are the topo’s you want to merge?

You’ll probably need to provide some more information to get a good answer :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

thanks for the answer, i need that the final topo is quiet coerence with the original one (if i have to indicate a tolerance i probably need around 5/10mm).

But i see your graph and you are able to join different topo that don’t have any common side. :partying_face:

My situation is more simple because my topo are an outcome af a topo slice on a grid and each topo has a side in common with the next one.
I suppose that your script define a very realible result.

Anyway thanks…you helped me a lot

I test your graph…and it works well but i think it doesn’t solve my problem because the massive join of the topos generates points out of the original topos and i have to cut the topos on the original boundary…