Mass to Topography

Hey guys, I’m sorry to digg up an old thread, but I was wondering the same thing as @mohamed.mo7ie. Revit does such a crazy in doing topo meshes…

I’m trying to figure if I could turn a pretty mesh in a toposurface directly, since running a flat list of points Revit adds some weird ridges and valleys where they’re not supposed to happen.

Here’s the mesh I want to turn into topo

Here’s the dyn I put together, to select a mass in the model, create a mesh from it, and then turn into a topo

Here’s the dyn
massaSelecionadaParaMeshParaListaParaToposurface.dyn (16.6 KB)

And finally here’s the stripped mass model I need to turn into topo
DeckMuro1.rvt (488 KB)

All this work is to fill with soil the space behind an existing retaining wall. It’s an actual topo survey from an actual site.

I think it is generally acknowledged that the topography capabilities of Revit are pretty useless
This just isn’t its strength

I would agree with Thomas/Jacob
Although using DWG imports is not ideal, I’ve had more luck with linked surfaces from Civil3D
You can either have multiple surfaces in one link, or merge into one surface

Also- it might be better to start a new thread and reference this old one

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Would this work for you?

massTpgr.dyn (26.2 KB)


Thanks on your comments Andrew. I’m aware that Revit just don’t do a good work with topo. But my company do not work with urban planning, we do not make roads, tunnels, or large soilwork, so Civil 3D licences are not available. I’m dealing with a 30m wide and 75m long property, wich happens to be in a rocky mountain side.

In my opinion is quite too much to tell my director board they must invest another thousands of dollars in new licences and trainning so we can document a 800m² footprint construction with some accuracy. Civil 3D in architecture sites is shoot at ants with cannons. And that’s why we architects often come here trying to find solutions to improve solutions on topography representation for small construction sites. It is my hope that some of these issues get addressed as this open letter thing is shaking Autodesk a little bit.

Just to be fair, you’re right I should had open a new thread. But in the heat of the moment I thought I was somehow continuing the same unresolved thread. I’ll try not to do it again.

Oh yeah! There’re still a few weird valleys, but I recognize it’s the best we can accomplish given the way Revit join points in a toposurface mesh. I was trying to make something like this a couple of days ago but couldn’t figure a way to increment the number of points.

Maybe breaking the mass or cad imports in smaller parts I can get smoother surfaces to merge together later on. But this is great already.

Thank you so much.

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