MEPover MEP Connector info not working in REVIT 2023

Hello everybody, my first post on this forums but have been tinkering with Dynamo now for a little bit.

I have been using the MEPover addons now for a few years and it has been amazing but we have upgraded to REVIT 2023 and I’m finding the node ‘MEP connector info’ is no longer returning the Conduit fitting end point coordinates.

Im not really skilled in Python, but any help to either get the node working or another way round would be greatly greatly appreciated as this node is used frequently in our graphs

Many thanks in advance

Hello @nathan.dent and welcome…could something here help instead…the nodes is from MePover

Hello @sovitek Thanks for the quick reply

Yeah I’m a big fan of MePover and have been using a lot of the nodes in 2019 and has been great its just since the move to 2023 this came up.

I tried to use the nodes above as well and got Nulls as results as well



Open the custom nodes that are failing and copy the contents to your workspace. Running them in the graph environment will return any warnings that might be popping up.

Also, can you tell us which version of MEPover you’re using?

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Hi @Nick_Boyts
I pasted and ran and the python script is failing with the following error:

I am using the highest MePover package that was available from the package area (2022.1.1)

Thanks for all the help

Hmm… the code is trying to convert an integer to a string and using the wrong method for some reason. Can you edit the python code and take a screenshot of the code around line 107?

Here it is


Hey @T_Pover, are you aware of this? I’ve confirmed the ToString() method is no longer working on these properties in 2023. The standard python str() conversion works fine though.
EDIT: I do realize that the package hasn’t been updated for 2023 yet, just wanted to make you aware in case you didn’t already know.

@nathan.dent for now you can change all the ToString() methods to str(). Anywhere you see an object ending in ToString() you can remove that method and put the whole object inside a str() method instead.

Example from line 107:

##original line
##new line
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Thanks @Nick_Boyts I will roll that through. Thanks for taking the time to help along with everybody else who replied.

Hi @Nick_Boyts and @nathan.dent, thanks for the heads up. I haven’t even installed Revit 2023 myself yet… I guess (iron)python 2 is no longer working in the latest version of Dynamo. At least that is my hunch and would also explain why .ToString() no longer works. Guess I got my work cut out for me then: I gotta say I don’t really look forward to upgrading every node in the package to python 3, but I will put it on my to-do-list.


You need change to IronPython2

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yes think you are right ;)…another option could be this amazing package DynaMep …there are nodes for these task as well

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DynamoRevit 2.13+ has automatically selected the CPython3 engine because the definitions (dyf) are based on the old xml format instead of json, and therefore there is no warning as to which it is necessary to install the IronPython2 Package

this topic can be help you to save your time


Ahhh… that explains why I didn’t notice that it was actually running in CPython3 even though I had IronPython2 installed. Good to know!
Thanks @c.poupin!

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Thanks Cyril, that looks like a real time saver!

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