MEPover SpaceCoordination Manager node


Hi, I’m using Dynamo 2.0.1 on Revit 2019. I’m having trouble with the SpaceCoordination Manager node from MEPover v.2019.1.4.

The node results in null for every output. If I copy the python from the custom node into a Python node on my graph, I see that it’s getting an error on line 34 "expected Document, got list). It looks like this problem has been solved here on this link, but i’m not well versed enough in Python to follow it (and it would be better for the world if this was addressed in the package rather than just in my graph):

Are my inputs incorrect somehow, or is there something in the node that needs to be modified?

Image of Python Code:



Hi @ehall

Add inside code block doc[0] before connecting to python IN[0].



Thanks @Kulkul,
This solves the problem I posted about. I ended up using the List.FirstItem node instead, but same effect. Not sure why I didn’t catch that.

While the solutions works, unfortunately, it seems now I have just run into a new issue (I think with the Python script). I’ll look into this more tomorrow, but I suppose if I have questions on it the new error I should not ask on this thread.



Too be honest: this node does not really work in a lot of situations. When I built it it worked for that specific project, but it turns out that depending on the setup of the project it will more than often not work. Seeing as the code in the node is rather long I haven’t gotten around to fixing it.



Thanks for that information @T_Pover. The description of the node nearly describes what I wanted my entire graph to do. In the meantime, I’ll just see if I can make a graph that does what the node sets out to do (except for maybe delete spaces).