MEP Revit Central Model set up


Hello all,

So just want to know, and cant seem to find any topics on it, has anyone ever tried to do a revit MEP central with dynamo alone? I know theres an Architect one that you can create using and excel file and i know how to do that, but I was thinking, what if we can populate that excel file with a linked arch revit model. So for example we’d get the levels the names, the sheet names, the floor plans, etc etc from the linked architect revit model and populate that information into aa excel file and then create a MEP revit central model from that excel file.

Its proving a little tricky. So far I have this…

I got it to give me the levels alright, but now i just need the floor plans/reflected ceiling plans, and sheets. Thing is, I don’t need like 65% of the sheets in a typical model. I just want the basic floor plans, reflected ceiling plans and their related sheets. So i’m struggling to filter the unwanted stuff out and it is bothersome. Anyway… any help will be appreciated. You can see where i am stuck at, i can’t seem to get the sheet numbers out of the filtered sheet names. Thank you for your time.


Hey, great to see the MEP work :slight_smile:

To answer your specific question, the Sheet Element can be queried for the ‘Sheet Number’ parameter and the ‘Sheet Name’ parameter.

The ‘Sheet Name’ parameter does not contain the ‘Sheet Number’ parameter…

I hope that’s clear!



Hey Mark, Thank you for the response :slight_smile:
Can you tell me which package i should download to get the view getbytype node? Can’t seem to find it on mine

edit: i feel like its on the package but its not there =/



You got the sheets fine,… my Sheet.SheetName and List.FilterByBooleanMask can plug into your Element.GetFromLinkedFile :slight_smile:


Doh… I knew that…

I just woke up and just tried to copy everything you showed lol, at work now, so brains working again now