Create elevations/sections from link

I had to create a new model of a project. I have a bunch of sheets with floor plans, sections and elevations in the original model linked in. I know the floor plans would be possible. But would just like to know if its possible to use the elevations and sections on sheets to create new sheets with the same thing in the new model from the link? :slight_smile: If it can be done ill get started. Just not sure and dont want to waste heaps of time trying if someone more experienced knows. If it requires python I wont be able to do it. Many thanks in advance.

really hard discovering new nodes with the new search function.

Well I thought this might work but I think the linking threw it off. Created the section facing the wrong way in the wrong place

This worked but again in the wrong place. Must be linking coordinates throwing it off or something

This nodes usually pretty good but put it in the wrong place too

Not sure how Id move sections using this if anyone does?

Hi @vanman ,
Just an idea, did you verify that the linked Revit model has the same coordinates as the host model ?
I had similar problem when I was creating spaces from linked rooms. And it found out later that the coordinates were different.

The linked Revit model is running off a linked site models shared coordinates but is in the same place as the new model I’m modeling over. Not sure what I should do

I would use the simple Dynamo functionality “preview in Revit” from View menu, to visualize the section lines locations in Revit (will be in blue lines), I believe this can be a starting point to see visually if sections will be drawn in the same location or not in your host model.

I wonder if I unlink the site then link it back in if itll have more luck? Or is it because the survey points arnt aligned?

This node is working to get floor plans and sections in quickly but unfortunately all out of align


I removed the site link and made the coordinates the same and relinked it back into the model. Section moves to a new place now when copied. Defeated

@Thomas_Mahon do you have any advice? :slight_smile: Is there a way I could move the link to the right location to copy things through to the right spot as a fix? :thinking: Dosnt matter where I put the link a copied view crop box just goes to the same spot in the host model from the link

The internal origins dont align if thats of any use

Finally a little win! can move the crop box after to the right location

Got the sections sorted here with some help. Just got to figure out how to copy the elevations marker and views

Elevation Markers can be copied from a link