Mech Equipment Schedule

Hi All,

New to dynamo. Working on preparing dynamo code to export/import mech equipment schedules into spreadsheet and implement this into daily workflow. There were numerous posts that I have seen. Got couple of questions:

  • Can we use Element ID to import excel info back into Revit or do we require GUI ID?
  • Need some pointers to prepare code to import i.e. the code should be able to update any information irrespective of where the info is updated.

FYI the code to export the schedule into spreadsheet along with element ID.

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GUID will not change over time. Element ID can.

Import is much like export - once you have the data from excel in Dynamo, use the GUID or Element ID to get the items, and use the parameter names (headings unles you renamed them) to set parameter values.


So you would recommend GUID ? if so I will amend the code

Hi All,

Attached the updated code and excel images. The challenge is the exported excel is not properly arranged. Any pointers greatly appreciated.