Materials Graphic.Set from Orchid is not working

So for some reason this node does not want to work anymore…

It has already worked for me in the past and all parameters are the same so I have no idea why it just stopped working and I’m going crazy over it!

If someone wants to take a look at it, here are the files:
MA_FromExcel.dyn (265.7 KB)
test.xlsx (12.4 KB)


Erik doesn’t post on the forum any more, but you could raise an Issue on his github…

Hope that helps,


Damn, I’m not really familiar with Github.
Hoped he would answer here.
Also can’t seem to install the newer version of orchid from the github page, my PC doesn’t allow to run it…
Kinda getting desperate to solve this, since no toher package has this kind of node (that I know of).